Samstag, 14. Dezember 2019

Christmas Wishes from Vienna and Finland

The kids of 1c and 1b class wrote and decorated nice Christmas cards for the Finnish students and we created a short Christmas video:

Finnish students are curious reading the Christmas cards from Vienna ;-)

And our Finnish colleagues also sent photos and prepared a video for us!

Mittwoch, 23. Januar 2019

A new wonderful school partnership is born!

Looking forward to starting an Erasmus+ job shadowing project between Austria and Finland!

Project idea for job shadowing KA1 activity:
“How to motivate challenging students” -  both gifted and difficult students
School year 2019/20

Project partner schools:


  •         students age 7-13 (grade 1-6)
  •     133 pupils
  •        10 teachers + 9 assistants
  •        Swedish and Finnish
  •        Integration
  •     Pupils with special needs, behaviour problems, ADHS, learning problems
  •     ECO school
  •      „school on the move“ = Bewegtes Lernen
  •     Outdoor education

About us: I´m the principal of a 1-6 grade school, in Kokkola, Mid Finland, at the coast. We are a Swedish speaking/ teaching school with 133 pupils , 10 teachers ( 3 of them are special teachers) and 9 assistants. In my school we integrate pupils with special needs, meaning handicapped, learing problems and other difficulties, as behavior problems (ADHD,ADD etc) We have integrated  pupils with special needs in every class, that´s why so many assistants. We are an ECO-school, “ Finnish schools on the move( activiteies during the lessons, breaks etc.) We are situated just outside Kokkola, so we are close to the nature, and we have an “outdoor” classroom we visit weekly, and have outdoor education. Music and physical education( sports) has a very central part in our school.
In some years (2020-2021) there will be another school( Kyrkbacken) included with us, so then we will be about 210 pupils, 18 teachers and 12 assistants. Probably Kyrkbacken´s teachers also would be interested in a project

and the NMS/VBS 1190, In der Krim - Vienna         

         Ähnliches Foto

We have got about 30 teachers and about 250 students in 11 classes
from 5th grade to the 9th grade.
We have got 2 to 3 parallel classes each from grade 5 to grade 8 (NMS and VBS) and always one of these classes is taught bilingual with the help of 3 English Native Speaker teachers.
And then there is one  9th grade class, the prevocational college, called the „Fachmittelschule“
At the moment the Austrian board of education is in transition and therefore also our school type - form the old Middle school system called the „Neue Mittelschule NMS“ to just „Middle school“
Our school is over 100 years old and therefore the building and the infrastructure is old fashioned as well, but we try our best to keep it up ( ICT, multimedia, the gym,…)
As we are a school in the megacity and the capital of Austria, Vienna, we have a mixture of cultures, religions and languages and have to deal with migration and social problems. We are very proud of our multicultural climate with students from Austria, former Jugoslavian countries, Turkish and Arabic pupils and because of the bilingual project (English!) from all over the world, such as Africa, all over Europe, Asia,… Many of our pupils come from socialy weak families and many parents haven’t got higher levels of education. Therefore we try to help and support our students as best as we can (language courses, homework assistence,…) and try to teach them social skills and tolerance.

Detailed description:
NMS Neue Mittelschule:
The students are taught as one group in the 5th and 6th grade. For grade 7 to grade 8 they get split up in 2 groups: students with general/basic knowledge ( grundlegende Allgemeinbildung) and extra ordinary good knowledge (vertiefende Bildung) in the 3 main subjects. They are taught by 2 teachers who try to differentiate, support and help.
In addition we have to implement the 8 european competences (Europass) to the 4 grades of the NMS and started to use the ELP for the language competence.
The bilingual classes VBS:
We have always  got one bilingual class in each grade.
For the application for the bilingual classes an orientation talk in English with our Native Speaker teachers is needed.  
Austrian teachers and English Native Speaker teachers teach in teamwork in many subjects such as English, Geography,Biology, History, Physics and so on.

School organisation:
Our school is run by our headmistress Eva-Maria Winter DeRouin. We have got no secretary.
There are coordinators for Mathematics, German and English and for SQA (school quality management and development) and for projects such as Erasmus+.
And there are Kustoden (teachers responsible) for ICT, and the other subjects.
Each class is organised by a Klassenvorstand (responsible teacher for the class and for the work with the parents).
There is a school social worker, an advisory teacher and a lady from the youth coaching to help us with students and families with special needs.

Special offers:
We accomodate the needs of working parents by offering and providing full day care for our students, including quality study time, nutritional lunch and leisure time activities for example baseball, jazz dance, football, volleyball, newspaper,…
We offer French as a voluntary subjects for all our students.
Our pedagogical emphases are: languages, sports, communication, health education („fit4school – fit4life“) and gifted education (Begabtenförderung)
The teachers of the Krim studied at the Pädagogische Hochschule, a Teacher Training College or University.
We do all have a main subject (Maths, English or German) and a second subject (Geography, Biology, History, Physics/Chemistry, Sports, Handwork or Arts, Cooking) and some of us have an additional 3rd subjects (ICT, Geometry or Job orientation/vocational training).

For more details visite our school website:

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